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For those of you who are new to The Customer Service Training Institute (CSTI), we would like to welcome you to our Product Catalog website. For our customers, and return visitors, we welcome you back as well and would like to welcome you to our Product Catalog website. This website is designed to provide easier access and more information on our Customer Service Training products and materials.

Most of us, if not everyone, is concerned about Customer Service these days. We all have encounted tough situations and difficult customers and we all know that competition for these customers is as fierce as ever. Who among us can say that we ever went through an entire week without a stressful, or potentially costly, situation with a valued customer? The fact is, customers are more demanding than ever and it is up to us to learn how to provide the very best customer service experience for our customers.

For the last 20 years, The Customer Service Training Institute has dedicated it self to providing the very best in self-paced Customer Service Training products and manuals. We developed these manuals to address the main problems usually encountered with most types of training. Those problems are cost, convenience, and the pace of the training. The end result are training manuals, or modules, that enable everyone to get the training they need at their own pace, within their own schedule, and at a price that is within just about any budget.

Let’s talk for a minute about convenience. One of the most common problems is that people want and need customer service training but just do not have the time to spend attending a seminar, structured class, or a series of classes. Perhaps they can’t take time off of work, have family issues or commitments that prohibit after hours classes, or just have a schedule that makes attending these classes difficult. Whatever the reason,. for many this represents a significant barrier between the individual and the customer service training they need.

Our manuals and training modules are designed to provide the customer service training skills you need in the privay of your own home, office, or anywhere you desire. Our manuals are available in PDF format which enables you to view them from your laptop. computer, Kindle reader, etc. Or, if you wish, you can print them out and take them wherever you wish. You can get your training done while riding on the train or bus, on your lunch hour, during some quiet time after dinner, or whever you have as little as 15 minutes of time to spend on your training! Now be honest, can you honestly tell me you can’t spare 15 minutes once in a while to get the customer service skills you know you need?

Now we come to speed or pace of training. This can be a huge issue for many of us. If the training goes too fast, we “miss” some important content and fail to get the maximum benefit from the training we paid for. If the training goes too slow, we often get bored or frustrated. It is hard to find a class or seminar that has the perfect pace for every individual. In fact, it is almost impossible.

With our training materials, YOU decide how fast or slow you train. If you need to go back and review something, you go back and review it. You start, stop, go back or go forward any time you wish. As fast or slow, as long or as short as you feel like on any particular day. o get the most out of the content in a relaxed and enjoyable pace that encourages you to keep going and get the customer service skills you need in the most efficient way possible. In fact, one of the best reasons to get your skills in this manner is that you can actually start using your new skills as you learn them!

It has long been established that the best way to learn anything new is to learn it one step at a time and build on the new skills over time. With our training materials you actually have the opportuntiy to put what you have learned into use and build on your customer service skills one piece at a time! Try that with a seminar or a class where they try and cram everything into a 3 hour class that you leave with your head swimming with many different topics and concepts!

Lastly, we come down to price. While you cannot place a value on great customer service training skills, it is a fact that many people do not have a lot of money to spend on training. In addition, many companies are so short sighted, they do not fully recognize the value of having these skills. The result is that a LOT of people who want these skills, and honestly desire to get them, are denied the skills because they simply cannot afford them. While that is not right, it is a fact of life and today’s economy.

Our training materials are priced to easily fit into any budget. In fact, just about anyone can afford these materials and are able to get the customer service training they need. Our training materials could easily be priced much higher and we have been criticized for providing quality training at such a reasonable price. But we have always held the belief that Customer Service Training is important and that everyone should have acccess to the customer service training they need to perform at their best.

Over the last 20 years we have seen people use these skills in their business and personal lives to improve customer sastisfaction, reduce costs, improve customer retention, and dramatically reduce the stress levels both at work and at home. That is the best part of learning these skills. The skills you learn during our customer service training help you communicate better, relate and interact with others better, and generally allow you to go through each day more productive and experience less stress!

It has been very reward ong over the years to hear about the successes of those who have invested their time in our training. We take pride in the knowledge that our efforts and training materials have made a lot of people happier, more productive, and more valuable in the workplace. It’s a great feeling and we never fail to appreciate it and remain committed to providing the very best Customer Service Training possible at a fair and affordable price.

Why not spend a few moments and check out some of our training products from the menu over on the right side. We offer everything from single manuals to full service Customer Service Training Certicicate Programs. There is something for everyone and we know you will find the information both useful and entertaining.

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